EACEA Culture Project on Network Performance in Music



Technical Showcase

This “showcase” featured three events presenting different aspects of the CO-ME-DI-A project :

  • the Network Performing Arts Production Workshop +++ +++
  • the IRCAM Forum workshops where lectures were streamed
  • the “CO-ME-DI-A” duplex concert between Paris and Graz featuring “NetTrike” (+++) by the composer Bernhard Lang and the choreographer Christine Gaigg and “Zoom-Up” (+++) by the composer Andrea Cera.

Installation : “An Invisible Line

Created by the artists Corrado Canepa and Andrea Cera this installation takes the form a network game where two participants interact over the network using music and gesture recognition to establish communication. +++

Remote Rehearsals

The French composer Henri Dutilleux rehearses his work “Shadows of Time” with the New World Symphony conducted by Robert Spano in Miami Beach, USA. +++


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